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Spring Decluttering Tips

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Approaches to Tackle Clutter Head-on

Try These Five Tips!

As the weather grows warmer and we emerge from our winter hibernation, one of the seasonal tasks that spring to mind (pardon the pun!) is to give our homes a good clean and re-organization.

We have been loving Marie Kondo’s methods to a clutter-free home.

1. discard by categories
Marie Kondo’s categories are as follows; clothes first, then books, papers, miscellaneous, then mementos.
2. break into subcategories
For example, break clothing down into: Tops, Bottoms, Clothes to be hung (jackets, suits), socks, underwear, clothing for events, accessories, shoes etc.
3. keep only items that bring you joy
A rule of thumb is to keep items that are inspiring joy and love in your life. The rest could use another home!
4. discard all the items that didn’t fit into categories 1-3
There are so many organizations that help recycle unwanted items. One person’s trash may be another’s treasure.
5. do everything at once!
Once everything is organized you can start fresh. Rather than making piles that you mentally tell yourself “I’ll deal with this later.” Decluttering in one go helps clear your mind and brings you more peace and contentment.
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