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Moving with your Pets

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Planning Ahead: Moving With Your Pets

Homes with Pets
The Bosdet Homes Team is here to help! Here are a few of our best tips to help streamline the process.

Moving into your new home can be a bit unsettling at first for your pet. Set up a comfortable new room before you introduce the animal to its new location. Seclude them to this section of the house while they slowly adjust to their surroundings. Give your pet lots of attention and introduce familiar objects like toys or blankets as soon as possible. Make them feel as at home as you do! While your unpacking, they have time to adjust and won’t be in anyone’s way while your family gets settled.

It’s important to not open the kennel while driving in your car, until the pet is in the new home, even if the pet is usually well-behaved or docile. Give them a few days in the new home to adjust.

Prepare an easily accessible ‘overnight kit’ that has enough food, treats, blankets, litter, toys, and grooming tools to sustain your pet and keep them comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.

If you’re moving out of the area, check with your Vet to see if you can have a photocopy of records to take or have the records emailed to a new Vet that they refer you to. Also, take any sealed prescription medications with you.

Use a crate, carrier, or car harness and test out a week or so before your move with your pet to prepare them for adjusting to a vehicle. When the day of the move happens, this will prevent your pet from being scared or distracted and hence prevent any injuries or accidents. Don’t forget to deactivate the airbag for any seat your pet will be occupying!

Hopefully, these few helpful tips will make the move with your pet an easier experience and transition for your entire family! For more tips on moving with your family dog, visit CKC’s The Dish Blog to read “Moving with Dogs”.

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